How do you fashion a scarf?

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Scarves for women are definitely not just for the colder weather. Plaid scarf is amazing to make almost any outfit look better. Whether I’m wearing a thick and cozy tartan plaid scarf on a snowy day, or a light and flowery plaid blanket scarf on a warmer spring day. Plaid scarves are always my favorite accessories. To make your outfit look cuter, you should tie the beautiful scarves for women by a cool knot! Here comes 5 lovely and fashionable style options!

1: a light knot for a green Plaid scarf (a good fit is you are in a hurry for school or work in the morning)

Step 1: circle the oversized plaid scarf around your neck

Step 2: intersects the two parts of womens plaid scarves

This is the most basic way, simple enough!

Scarves & Wraps
2: the French knot for a grape or blue plaid blanket scarf

Step 1: knot an oversized plaid blanket scarf around your neck, leave a little space in the knot.

Step 2: then takes the beautiful scarf around the left, and passes through the gap.

Step 3: finally pull the scarf out of the gap

This knot will create a sense of maturity.

Scarves & Wraps
3: the necktie knot for a red tartan plaid scarf.

Step 1: circle the tartan plaid blanket scarfscarf around your neck, put the right part on the top, then circle the back of the scarf around the arrow to the left.

Step 2: goes around and then put the red plaid blanket scarf out of the gap.

Step 3: finally pull the scarf out of the gap.

The method is similar to tie a necktie, in case that the knot might appear to be a bit bloated, so it is better to use a thinner scarf.

Scarves & Wraps
4: asymmetric knot for a yellow plaid scarf.

Step 1: first cross the plaid scarf for women around the neck, put the left part on the top, and then pass the right side of the arrowhead through the gap.

Step 2: then pull the fashionable plaid blanket scarf for women out of the gap.

This kind of knot gives people a feeling of bald. If you want to be cool, it try it.

Scarves & Wraps
5: small bow tie for the accessorized scarves for women.

Step 1: circle an oversized scarf for women around your neck and create a knot of S

Step 2: adjust the knot to the front and back, and then make a knot.

This knot is also very easy, a good choice for the fashionable girls.

Scarves & Wraps